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I am a passionate and enthusiastic educator. So, teaching for me is more than just a profession. Teaching is more than a paycheck or job security. I consider teaching to be my calling and the classroom as my superpower. My teaching philosophy is based on the premise that learning is more effective and productive when students are actively engaged in the process of meaning-making and knowledge construction rather than passively receiving information. So, I engage my students as co-creators of knowledge. I use a combination of interactive teaching and learning activities, such as: tutorials, seminars, simulations, debates, role plays, journaling, entertainment, nature walks, and problem-based learning (PBL) approaches to facilitate the learning process. My teaching innovations and approaches have been rewarded with the top teaching evaluations and awards. For example, I won the Leiden University Best Teacher of the Year Award for 2021. Similarly, I was ranked one of the four finalists for the National Teacher of the Year Prize for 2022 in the Netherlands. Here are some of the courses that I teach at Leiden University College. 

  1. Public Policy Analysis: Anti-Corruption

  2. Human Security: Civil War and Violence

  3. Institutions in Time: Development

  4. Institutions of Governance and Development (IGD)

  5. Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

  6. Politics of the Policy Process: Comparative Perspectives

  7. Politics and Development of Africa

  8. Introduction to Comparative Politics (ICP)

  9. Global Challenges: Prosperity


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